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Age: 6 years


Age: 5 years


Age: 9 years


Age: 8 yeras


Age: 5 years


Age: 6 years


Age: 8 years


Age: 3,5 yeras

Kafuko & Dison

Age: 7 and 4 years


Age: 3,5 year

Tapenance (sister to Stella)

Age: 1 years


Age: 7 yeras


Age: 4 years

Sibling group

Age: 7 & 5 & almost one year

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Waiting Children Program

Adopt Abroad - International Adoption Services Adopt Abroad respects the rights and privacy of the children who are waiting for their forever families. Our agency adheres to the rules and regulations of the foreign countries and the Hague International treaty on adoption in regard to the privacy of the waiting children.

Seeking More Information on a Specific Special Needs Child?

Families who would like more information on a particular child must fill 2 Forms

  1. the Special Needs Pre-Application Form
  2. Privacy Statement (PDF)

You will be contacted by a member of our staff regarding your inquiry into a child on the Special Needs Waiting Child List.

Waiting Children Program - Bulgaria

The Bulgarian adoption authorities have a web site which lists children with Special Needs for whom they are seeking adoptive families. Multiple agencies have access and work within this system to place these children. Adopt Abroad and their Bulgarian partners are among the accredited agencies that has access to the list of the Special Needs Waiting Children.
Do note that at any time, any child may be placed with a prospective adoptive family.

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