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Adopt Abroad Inc. strongly believes in quality service and support for our clients. We receive a lot of letters praise and will be listing them as we have permission to do so.

The Letters:
Buchanan 2012
Laura K - Korea 03/2013
Rose Suarez - 08/2011
Leslie & Justin - 09/2010
CHINA based family
Catherine H.
Michelle L.
Scott & Bonnie S.
Moss family
Devonna - A single woman
McWilliams - A family
Mr. & Mrs. Matiaszek
Mr. & Mrs. Watters Haertl
Karen & Bruno
Gregory - U.S. expatriate
James & Catherine
John & Sandi
James & Martina
Angelique and Brian
Hans and Cheena
Nadine and Christoph Priebe
The Adoption Exchange
Jeff Black
Walter and Nancy Feder-Aguilera
Doug and Michelle Lakin
Jane Torrisi


The Quotes:


Mr & Mrs. Baldomero:
"We are a military family that was stationed in Japan and yet the process of US foster to adopt was seamless thanks to this wonderful agency. Lots of communication despite time differences and distance. Very fast process and with their help, the stress was eliminated.

Mr & Mrs. Baldomero"

Dr. & Mrs. Pettus:
"My wife and I would like to thank Adopt Abroad for all of their help with our most recent adoption of two wonderful girls. Adopt Abroad's clear understanding of the business aspect of the adoption process and their willingness to be flexible with our schedule was extremely helpful. It was a pleasure to work with Adopt Abroad and we highly recommend their services to anyone who is considering adoption.

Kevin and Andrea Pettus"

Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds:
"I don't think I have the right words to describe how helpful and informative I found working with Adopt Abroad and Dr. Carol Albers. We are a military family currently stationed overseas, which made our domestic adoption a little out of the ordinary. Dr. Albers was a wealth of information. She guided us through the process, and provided us various points of contacts familiar with our situation from the attorney right down to organizing expedited passports etc. I really can't express enough how grateful and blessed we were to have her guidance and the guidance of everyone she put us in contact with throughout this process. We are now the happy adoptive parents of twins...a boy and a girl. If you are a military member stationed overseas and looking to adopt domestically, Adopt Abroad is the organization for you. I would highly recommend their services to anyone, but especially those with our unique status.

Thank you Dr. Albers, and everyone who helped us through this process. You guys really helped us keep it together.

Warmest regards,
Shelly & Kevin Reynolds"

Mr. & Mrs. Carpenter:
"June 27, 2006

The Carpenter family would like to thank Adopt Abroad for all of their help with our recent adoption of two wonderful siblings from Ukraine. Adopt Abroad's warm and personable staff, and their invaluable support made the adoption possible. The expertise and guidance provided by Adopt Abroad (and Dr. Albers) gave us the tools we needed to fulfill our dream.

Greg, Arlene, Andrew, and Marina"


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