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Adopt Abroad is proud to announce that our agency the partnership agreement between The Sayap Ibu Foundation, Jakarta Brach and Adopt Abroad. The Sayap Ibu Foundation, Jakarta Branch is the only agency authorized in the Republic of Indonesia to execute intercountry adoptions.

All adoptions involving foreign nationals, including the adoption of relatives, must go through the Sayap Ibu Foundation, Jakarta Branch under the auspices of the Ministery of Social Affairs , Republic of Indonesia.

Adoptive Parent Criteria

This program is open to:

- Expats living in Indonesia a minimum of 2 years at the time of application, holding
   a Permanent resident visa.
- Indonesians living as expats abroad.
- Age - a minimum of 30 years old and a maximum of 55 years old
- Married for a minimum of 5 years
- A religious statement– confirming a belief in God
- Children in the home:
   1. childless with medical verification
   2. One biological child
   3. One adopted child, with no biological children

There maybe some flexibility on the acceptance criteria. This will be evaluated on a case by case basis. A special governmental committee will make the final ruling on such cases.


Children Available

IndonesianChildren from the age of birth to 16 years of age are available for adoption. The adoption of siblings is possible. Adopting unrelated children during a single adoption process is not possible.
Gender requests are possible.
Applicants can only adopt a child of the same religion.
Ethnicity - Asian, Malayasian.
Groups: Malay, Polynesian, Chinese, Arab, Papuan and Indian

Travel Requirements

The Indonesian adoption program requires that the applicants reside in Indonesia during the fostering period for supervision and completion of the adoption process in country.



Adopt Abroad Indonesia Adoption Program Fee Schedule (PDF).

Please contact Adopt Abroad for further information.

Time Frame

The waiting time for your Indonesian adoption will vary depending upon your child sought criteria. Wait times can vary from six to eighteen months on average. Once there is an identified child you will be required to travel to Indonesia and stay for approximately six months of bonding and supervision. The Indonesian adoption process will take approximately 6 months for the Indonesian adoption decree, once completed in country, you must apply for the US visa.


Post Adoption Requirements

The Indonesian adoption process will require a six month stay in country. During this time you will be visited by a caseworker who will evaluate your relationship and bonding with the child. Annual reports are to be submitted to the nearest Indonsian Consulate until the child reaches the age of majority (18).

Information on Indonesia

Travel Requirements & Visas
History of Indonesia
Cultural Facts
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Waiting Children

Indonesia is considering a Special Needs Waiting Child program. Please check back with our agency for updates on the status of this program.

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