Adopt Abroad Adoption Home Studies

Adopt Abroad Incorporated is licensed in the States of Pennsylvania and Virginia to perform adoption home studies.

We also provide adoption home studies for Americans living abroad, such as U.S. military families, Diplomats and other U.S. expatriates living abroad.

Adoption Home Studies

The adoption home study is an essential part of any adoption. It is the chance for the family to prepare for the adoption, discuss aspects about the adoption that might be of concern and to become educated in adoption related issues.

The adoption home study consists of several meetings. One will be an inspection of your home to see if it is suitable for a child and if there are any safety issues that need to be addressed. Adoptive applicants will be required to gather various documentation for the adoption home study, such as: background information, birth and marriage certificates, employment and financial records as well as criminal and child abuse registry checks. The purpose of the criminal and child abuse checks are to ensure that the child will be going to a safe home.

The adoption home study process should educate you about the needs of children who are in orphanages and other issues related to adoption. You should address any needs you might have about the adoption with your adoption case worker and agency.

Adoption is a lifelong and important life decision, and the adoption home study is the first step in your adoption journey.

Paperwork you will need to collect for your adoption home study

Once all the interviews and paperwork is collected we will compile a report about your family and your readiness to adopt, which is the adoption home study.

Home Study Guidelines as taken from the USCIS website

Home study preparer- any party licensed or otherwise authorized under the law of the state of the orphan’s proposed residence- licensed to conduct the research and preparation for a home study.

The home study preparer should provide a copy of his/her license to perform adoption home study services. Adopt Abroad will not accept home studies done by independent social workers.


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