Colombia Adoption Program

Adopt Abroad is proud to announce that we have received our Colombian Accreditation. Our international adoption program - Colombian adoptions is open and we are accepting applicants for Colombian adoptions.

We are now working with our Colombian partners on a WAITING CHILD program and trying to promote home finding for a number of children who are still waiting for their adoptive parents.

Colombia Adoptions

Married or single applicants aged 25 and older, will be considered for the adoption of a child with special needs from Colombia, regardless of the health of the child. You must be at least 15 years older than the child you are adopting.

Colombian children available for adoption are:

Colombia Adoption 

  1. Colombia
  2. Family Eligibility
  3. Criteria for Acceptance into the Colombian Adoption Program
  4. Time Frames to Referral
  5. Travel Requirements
  6. Adoption Process
  7. Postplacement Requirements
  8. Program Fees

I. Colombia 

Colombia AdoptionsColombia is the fourth-largest country in South America. It is a republic with approximately 45 million people. Colombia is ethnically and religiously diverse and the majority of the population is Mestizo. Mestizo is an ethnic blend of European and South American Indian ancestry.

Since the early 90’s Colombia has had a well-organized international adoption program. There are many children from infancy to early teens awaiting their forever family. Colombia also has many older children and sibling groups as well as children with special needs awaiting permanent families. Adoption is viewed positively and the Colombian government is supportive and cooperative. The children are placed for adoption primarily due to poverty. There are many public as well as private orphanages caring for the children of Colombia. Many of the Colombian children available for adoption are from the Bogotá area. The Colombian children available for adoption will be primarily of Spanish or mixed Spanish/South American Indian descent. (Mestizo)

Colombia AdoptionsWhen you are selected as an adoptive parent for a child from Colombia, you will be provided with photographs, a general health report, and results of typical blood tests, including tests for HIV and hepatitis B, as well a social and developmental description of the child. Generally it is preferred that parents be open to referrals of either gender. Consideration may be given if you have a child or children of one gender in the household already.   back to listing >>


II. Family Eligibility 

Married couples as well as single men and women are eligible for adoption from Colombia.

Single applicants will be considered for the adoption of children that are 8 years and older.

The children assigned will be determined by the age of the applicants. When there is a significant age difference in the married partners, the age of the parent who will provide the most care for the child will be used to determine the age of the child that the couple is eligible to adopt. Applicants can always apply to adopt a child older than the category which they fit into. There is a general rule that parents must be 15 years older than the child they are adopting. The age of the child assigned is totally at the discretion of the Colombian authorities.

Children already in the home: Acceptable

Age requirements do not apply to applications of Colombian descent. To qualify for this exception at least one applicant must hold a Colombian birth certificate or “cedula”.

Single Applicants
Single applicants must be willing to accept children 8 years and older. Many applicants are referred children between 9- 11 years of age.   back to listing >>

Colombia Adoptions

III. Criteria for Acceptance into the Colombian Adoption Program 

Length of marriage: Married couples must be married for a minimum of three years. Couples who have cohabitated prior to their marriage may be considered. Couples who have documented infertility problems will only require evidence of one year of marriage.

Income requirements: There are no minimum income requirements. Families must produce evidence of financial stability and be able to provide for the needs of a child. All families must meet US state and federal guidelines for adoption.

Legal Issues: Applicants cannot have a criminal background, arrests or convictions. No histories of drug or alcohol addiction. Minor legal infractions may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Health guidelines: any applicant who has physical health that will impair their daily lives for the impact of their lifespan are not eligible. Applicants must undergo a psychological evaluation and are not accepted into the program if they have been diagnosed with a mental illness. No history of drug or alcohol addiction in either partner.   back to listing >>

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IV. Time Frames to Referral 

As with all international adoption programs it is difficult to predict exactly when you will receive your child referral. The estimated waiting time for your Colombian adoption depends upon the age, gender health or other factors of the child you are seeking to adopt. Families of Colombian descent will have shorter waiting times. Waiting times for special needs children or sibling groups tend to be much shorter.   back to listing >>

V. Travel Requirements 

Families will be sent information and photographs as well as a social report on the Colombias child referred for adoption. Upon reviewing and accepting the child referred, adoptive families will travel to Colombia to meet their child. All adoptive parents are required to travel to Colombia for their adoption trip. As with all our international adoption programs, you will be met at the airport and guided through the adoption trip by our in country facilitator/escort.

Colombia Adoptions

During your adoption trip you will be introduced to the child that was referred to you and have some time in country to bond with your child. Parents will have several official meetings including one at the orphanage. After the official meetings one spouse may return while the other remains in Colombia to complete the Colombian adoption process. It is estimated that you will be in Columbia to complete your Colombian adoption approximately 4 to 8 weeks.

You may stay in your child's region for the majority of the trip and then returned to Bogotá for the U.S. government exit interview, the final step in your Colombian adoption.   back to listing >>

VI. Adoption Process 

Upon your arrival in Colombia for your adoption you will be presented with and given temporary custody of your child. An interview with the adoption authorities will take place at that time. You will then return later for a follow up interview during which your adjustments and bonding as a family will be evaluated. The date for this interview is set at the time when you receive your adopted child. For younger children, the second interview generally takes place about one week after your Colombian child has been placed with you. For older children, the meeting is generally scheduled one to two weeks after placement so that there is more time to accommodate the child integration and adjustment into your family. After it has been determined that your family has sufficiently bonded, one spouse may return home.

The following day, Adopt Abroad’s Colombian representative will file documents with the Family Court petitioning to finalize your Colombian adoption. The Colombian judge will sign the decree of adoption approximately 4 to 20 days after receiving the petition to adopt your Colombian child.

Once the adoption decree is received the final steps for your Colombian adoption can take place. Upon receipt of the Colombian adoption decree our facilitator can apply to obtain a new birth certificate and a Colombian passport for your adopted child. After these papers have been received your child is required to undergo a full medical exam by a Colombian physician approved by the U.S. Consulate. The Colombian physician will do the evaluation and with this information the Article 23 letter can be obtained. The Article 23 letter certifies that the adoption complies with the Hague convention.

When you return home to the U.S.A. with your Colombian child, the adoption is fully recognized. Your Colombian child will automatically obtain US citizenship. Approximately 45 days after you return to the U.S.A. with your Colombian child you will receive a certificate of citizenship in the mail.   back to listing >>

VII. Postplacement Requirements 

Colombia AdoptionsColombia requires four post placement visits after you return to the U.S.A. with your Colombian child. The visits are required at 3, 9, 15 and 21 months after you return to the U.S.A. This information is compiled and forwarded to the Colombian adoption officials to assure them that the children who have been adopted from Colombia are doing well. It is extremely important that families comply with the post placement requirements for their Colombian adoption.

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VIII. Program Fees 

The Colombian adoption program is one of the least expensive international adoption programs available. Adopt Abroad Colombian Adoption Program Fee Schedule (PDF).

The above fee does not include costs such as flight, accommodation, the home study, post placement, USCIS processing, dossier authentication and such. As with all interntional adoption programs fees quoted may change at any time.    back to listing >>


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