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How you can help our humanitarian projects

Sierra Leone Project

  Donate to the Sierra Leone Project

Donate to the Sierra Leone Project
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Our Sierra Leone program supports a foundation whose goals are to provide for orphans, privileged children and other vulnerable groups devastated and traumatized by the civil war that occurred in Sierra Leone. The foundations' goals are to help alleviate poverty and advance the social and economic conditions through education, providing technical and vocational skills as well as education in HIV/AIDS protection.

Even a small contribution goes a long way
Click here to see listing of needy children from Sierra Leone (PDF)

Cambodian Orphanage Project

  Donate to the Cambodia Orphanage Project

Donate to the Cambodian Orphanage Project
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Adopt Abroad, Inc. collects donations only for causes with which the agency has a direct connection. The managers who handle the donations have demonstrated personal integrity and a dedication to their projects and the people they serve. Once Adopt Abroad, Inc has received your donation; we will issue you a receipt that you can use to claim a tax deduction.

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