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Armenian Adoptions

Adopt Abroad will only accept a maximum of 8 families into the program at a time, to help avoid excessive wait times.

Families who are open to adopting a special needs child from Armenia should inquire about our Special Needs project. This program seeks to find permanent loving families for children who are harder to place and have needs such as Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectually impaired, and similar.

Introduction to Adopt Abroad, Inc. and our Armenian Adoption Program 

I. International Adoption Agency- Adopt Abroad's Background in Armenia

Armenia is a signee to the Hague treaty and all adoptions must follow Hague protocol. Adopt Abroad is fully licensed and Hague accredited. We are proud to say that Adopt Abroad is one of only 250 U.S. adoption agencies that have achieved Hague accreditation for international adoption. We have been placing Armenian children for adoption since 2003.

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The Armenian adoption program is open to families of Armenian heritage as well as other heritages. Armenian families seeking to adopt Armenian children are given preference, but this program does not exclude other nationalities. In the Armenian adoption program we can accept married couples as well as single women.

Armenian Adoptions 

  1. International Adoption Agency - Adopt Abroad's Background in Armenia
  2. Available Armenian children for Adoption
  3. Armenian Adoption and Eligible Adoptive Parent(s)
  4. The Adoption Process
  5. Travel for your Armenian Adoption
  6. Post Adoption Reports and Armenia
  7. FAQ's about Armenia
  8. Armenia: The Country

II. Available Armenian children for Adoption 

The Armenian children that are available for international adoption will be either a) infants, b) older children age 6 and up or c) special needs children.

The children in Armenia that are waiting to be adopted are available for in country (Armenian) adoption for the first three months. After this three-month waiting period a waiting child from Armenia can be offered for international adoption.

The Armenian people have a proud and rich cultural heritage. Some cite Armenia as the birthplace of Christianity and the site of Noah's Ark. Armenians tend to have complexions that range from very fair to olive skin with light brown to black hair. Of course there are exceptions to every rule, and we have seen Armenian children for adoption with blond hair, fair skin and brown eyes.

Armenian AdoptionsThe Armenian children that are waiting to be adopted live in state run orphanages. All the Armenian children waiting to be adopted will be listed with the Armenian Central Authority on adoption. Armenia does not allow photo listings of the Armenian children waiting to be adopted. Twins, siblings or individual Armenian children can be adopted in one adoption process. Armenia does not permit the adoption of two unrelated children during the same adoption process.   back to listing >>

III. Armenian Adoption & Eligible Adoptive Parent(s)  

The Armenian adoption program is open to married couples and single women of any heritage. Adoptive families interested in the Armenian adoption program should have no more than 1 or 2 children presently living in the home. There is no age limit for applicants into the Armenian adoption program, although the prospective adoptive parent's age may influence which child is referred to the adoptive family.   back to listing >>

IV. The Armenian Adoption Process 

Adopt Abroad will perform the home study services. If the prospective adoptive parents live outside our home study area, we will refer you to another home study agency. Adopt Abroad partners with several agencies who can provide home study services for the adoption of a child from Armenia. All adoption agencies that place children from Armenia must be Hague accredited adoption agencies. One of the family requirements to adopt a child from Armenia is that you take some additional coursework beyond the home study, in subjects relating to international adoption. We have several partners who offer online education courses such as Adoption Learning Partners.

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Adopt Abroad will assist you with your adoption dossier. The dossier is a collection of official paperwork that will be submitted to the Armenian adoption authorities to initiate your Armenian adoption process. Your adoption dossier will be reviewed and sent for translation. Once the Armenian translations are complete, the dossier will be sent to the Armenian adoption authorities for their review and approval. The Armenian adoption takes approximately 18 to 36 months to receive a referral for an Armenian child for adoption after the dossier is submitted. The waiting time will depend upon the type of child you are seeking to adopt. Families who are seeking to adopt a special needs waiting child or older child, will have a shorter wait time.

The initial approval of your adoption dossier by the Armenian Central Authority takes approximately 2 months. The adoptive parent applicants will be notified when their Armenian adoption application has been approved. Once your adoption dossier has been approved, the adoptive applicant's information will be entered into the Armenian adoption authorities' data bank. At that time the search for an Armenian child referral for your adoption begins.

When the Armenian adoption authorities have identified an Armenian child that meets your requirements, Adopt Abroad and the prospective adoptive family will be notified. The amount of information a family will receive on their Armenian child referral will vary, in some cases families will be required to do a "blind travel", meaning they will have little information on the referral, until they are in country.   back to listing >>

V. Travel for your Armenian Adoption 

Adoption Travel: Upon receiving the information on your Armenian child referral the adoptive family will travel to Armenia to meet their child and determine if they will accept the Armenian child referred to them. The family can arrange to have independent medical evaluations performed by medical professionals who specialize in evaluating international adoptive children. Once the adoptive family has decided to accept the Armenian child referred to them, our Armenian facilitator will file the paperwork to begin the adoption process.

As Armenia is a Hague adoption country, the Central Authorities from Armenia as well as from the United States will require various paperwork to proceed with the adoption of an Armenian child. Our Armenian facilitator will obtain the Article 16, child referred to paperwork from the Armenian adoption authorities. Adopt Abroad Inc. will submit the required Article 16 information to the US State Department/ NBC, the government entity that is responsible for processing Hague adoptions. The State Department will issue an approval notice so that the process of adopting the Armenian child can occur. Once the Armenian adoption authorities have the State Department's official notification they can schedule the court date for the adoption process in Armenia.

After the first court hearing in Armenia there is a 30 day waiting period for the court decree to be enacted. After the obligatory waiting period, the adoptive family must take the child to the required medical examination and consular exit interview in Yerevan, Armenia.

The initial adoption trip to Armenia can be very short. On average families spend approximately 1 week including travel to Armenia for this trip. The second trip to Armenia is the court hearing for the Armenian adoption process and families should expect that this trip is approximately 3 days to 1 week in duration. The third adoption trip to Armenia is when you are actually going to pick up your adoptive child. Families should expect to spend approximately 2-1/2 to 3 weeks in Armenia for their adoption process. At the end of the Armenian adoption process your child will have an Armenian passport.

As with all our adoption programs you will be escorted through the adoption process by our Armenian facilitator. The Armenian adoption facilitator will escort you to the apartment/Hotel, bring you to all the official adoption appointments in Armenia and be available for assistance during your entire adoption process in Armenia.

Our Armenian facilitators have been working with Adopt Abroad for adoptions in Armenia since 2003.   back to listing >>

VI. Post Adoption Reports and Armenia 

Armenia does not have any specified requirements for post adoption supervision after you adopt your Armenian child. Adopt Abroad does require a minimum of two post placement visits, typically at 6 months and 12 months after bringing your child home.   back to listing >>

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VII. FAQ's Armenia 

Do I require a visa to visit Armenia? U.S. citizens are required to obtain a visa when traveling to Armenia. Armenian visas can be obtained online at

Is the Armenian adoption program only open to families with Armenian heritage? No, the Armenian adoption program is all families. Families with Armenian heritage are preferred, but it is not a requirement of the program.

Can you adopt more than one child in a single Armenian and adoption process? The Armenian adoption program is generally a single child adoption program. In rare cases there may be siblings or twins available for adoption from Armenia. In such a case the preference is always to keep the children together. Families who are open to adopting more than one child will be given such referrals.

Who can adopt from Armenia? The Armenian adoption program is open to married couples and single women. Families may have children already in the home, but there should be no more than three children already in the home.

Can any agency perform adoptions from Armenia? Armenia is a Hague country. Any adoption process in Armenia must be performed through a Hague accredited adoption agency. At present there are only approximately 250 U.S. agencies that have achieved Hague accreditation. Adopt Abroad has been Hague accredited since the U.S.A enacted the Hague treaty. We have been working with the same Armenian partner since 2004.

Does Adopt Abroad perform home study services for Armenian adoptions as well as child placement services? Adopt Abroad will provide home study services for families in our catchment area who are seeking to adopt a child from Armenia. If you are living outside this area we will refer you to an agency that we can work with in a partnership to help you with your Armenian adoption. It is important that you discuss the home study agency with Adopt Abroad prior to starting the home study process. This will be a Hague adoption and the partnering agency must enter into a contractual relationship with Adopt Abroad. We look forward to helping you make your dream of adopting a child from Armenia a reality.

I don't know anything about Armenia. Where is Armenia located? What do the Armenian children look like? Armenia was formerly part of the Soviet Union. It is bordered by Turkey, Azerbaijan and the Republic of Georgia. The Armenian people have a rich cultural heritage. Armenia is a beautiful country well worth visiting. The majority of the population practices the Christian Orthodox religion. The Armenian children will generally have fair to olive complexions with dark hair and dark eyes. Some of the more famous Armenians in America are Andrei Agassi, Cher, Danny Thomas, his daughter, Marlo Thomas, and, of course, the Kardashian girls

What city would I fly into for my Armenian adoption? The adoptive families will fly into Yerevan, the capital of Armenia to begin their Armenian adoption process.

Will I need a visa to travel to Armenia? Yes. Adoptive parents can apply online for their Armenian visa. Families should apply several weeks in advance to obtain their visa for Armenia.

Will I need to make hotel reservations for my Armenian adoption? Adopt Abroad's Armenian facilitators will make recommendations for hotels or apartments in Armenia. Many of our Armenian adoptive families have chosen to stay in apartments for their convenience and additional space versus hotel rooms. All the apartments recommended in Armenia are selected based upon safety, quality and convenience to the appointments necessary for the Armenian adoption process.

I already have children in my home. Can I adopt from Armenia? Yes, Armenia will accept families with children already in the home. There should be no more than 2 children already in the home. Adoptive families will need to meet income requirements as well as general criteria to be accepted into the Armenian adoption program. Adopt Abroad will consult with you to help select the adoption program that best suits your family's needs.

Will the Armenian children speak English? How will I communicate with my Armenian child? The majority of Armenian children placed for adoption will be infants and as such, just learning language skills. Our experience with placing international children over the past years has shown us that a young child just developing their language skills generally pick up the language quite easily. A slightly older child or toddler may exhibit some speech delays as they will need to learn new sounds and word association. Older internationally adopted children, such as school-age children, tend to learn English fairly quickly. Our adoptive parents have reported that their Armenian adopted children were able to make their needs known and communicate at a basic level within a few weeks. Generally all internationally adopted children will utilize some remedial education, such as language skills training, but most have been streamlined into the regular classroom setting.

I'm ready to begin my Armenian adoption. How do I get started? Please click here and fill in our online contact form. A representative from our adoption agency, Adopt Abroad, Inc. will contact you shortly to discuss our Armenian adoption program.   back to listing >>

VIII. Armenia: The Country 

Armenia, formerly part of the Soviet Union, borders Azerbaijan, the Republic of Georgia and Turkey. Armenia is a beautiful country with an abundance of cultural and historical sites to see. It is highly recommended to take some time and explore this beautiful country. The terrain is rocky and dry with the climate similar to that of the South Eastern United States. Armenia is one of the oldest Christian civilizations. The primary religion is the Armenian Apostolic church and approximately 94% of the population practices the Armenian Orthodox religion. Armenia gained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, but was heavily dependent upon its subsidies. The percentage of people living in poverty is above 45%.    back to listing >>

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*Due to the nature of international adoptions, all information contained on this webpage concerning Armenian adoption is subject to change without notice.


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