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You Can Adopt While Living Overseas!


Adopt Abroad, Inc. was created specifically to assist Americans, U.S. military and other expats with their adoption needs while living abroad. Adopt Abroad is comprised of adoption experts who have lived overseas and have been expats themselves. Many of our adoption social workers are affiliated with the U.S. military overseas. Through our years of experience assisting families living abroad with their adoption needs, Adopt Abroad is very familiar with the special challenges one faces when living overseas and trying to adopt. We created Adopt Abroad in 2003 specifically to assist the U.S. military, Diplomats, Missionary, International School Teacher and other expatriates with their adoption needs while they are living overseas - hence the name Adopt Abroad.

Being stationed overseas as a U.S. military, Diplomats, Missionary, International School Teacher or other expat status does not mean foregoing your adoption plans. Adopt Abroad has employees based in locations worldwide who can help you with your adoption needs while you are living abroad.

Adopt Abroad has social workers currently based in Japan, South Korea, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Indonesia, Bahrain, Africa and Australia to assist expats in these countries with their adoption needs while they're living overseas. Please visit our Military Family Adoption page for a listing of adoption services and the military bases where we have social workers. All our adoption social workers are trained and work closely with our agency to ensure that your adoption home study meets USCIS immigration standards as well as those of the country you are seeking to adopt from.

We can assist Americans and other families who are seeking to adopt while they are living abroad all over the world. We have social workers based in locations throughout the world and many who are willing to travel to your home to assist with your adoption procedure while you're living overseas.

Adopt Abroad, Inc. works closely with the U.S. military community overseas. Because of our years of experience working with the U.S. military community worldwide, we are proud to say that Adopt Abroad has been selected by the Philippine Intercountry Adoption Board (ICAB) as the agency to assist U.S. military families and other U.S. expats living overseas with their adoption needs from the Philippines. Adopt Abroad holds networking contracts with several U.S. States to provide adoption services and supervision to children adopted from the U.S. foster care system by U.S. military, Diplomats, Missionary, and International School Teachers living abroad.

Adopt Abroad sponsors adoptions support groups for the U.S. military in various locations including the UK (Lakenheath, Mildenhall, Ely area) and in South Korea. We regularly travel to the U.S. military bases overseas to lecture on adoption and adoption possibilities while living outside the U.S.A. Please visit our Home Page, Events or Facebook page for dates.

We have worked with U.S., Australian, Canadian and expats of other nationalities with their adoption needs while living abroad.

By choosing Adopt Abroad for your adoption needs you have the assurance of working with a U.S. licensed entity. We are not independent social workers who may not be licensed to perform adoption home studies, not carry proper insurance, or could stop performing or move and leave you to start anew or put your adoption plans on hold, or may require another agency or properly licensed entity to sign off on their work at additional fees.

If you are an expat-American abroad, U.S. military, Diplomat, Missionary, International School Teacher or other English speaking expat living overseas, come to the agency who really does have experience working with other expatriates since 2003---Adopt Abroad, Inc.

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